If You’re Cold. So are They. Keep the Strays Warm in Winter


With the winter months creeping up, it is important to not only bundle yourself up, but also bundle up the animals as well. The obvious prevention for frozen stray animals, is keep your pets inside. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have home-bound animals, and strays do exist. Therefore, it is important to keep the strays warm and fed when you do come across one.

First of all, don’t forget about your animals! If you let your dog out, allow them to do their business, and then let them back in. It’s simple. Unless they are enjoying the outside and love the cold temperatures, leave them do their thing. But if they are like you, and don’t wish to be forgotten about out there, then bring them in. Cats are a bit more complicated. When you have an outdoor cat, it is difficult to get them back in the house right away. They could disappear for hours even days before they find their way back home.

See the Winter Weather Tips below to help care for your animals:


Unfortunately, there are feral and stray cats out there who never had a home to begin with. For those animals, we have to take further precautions. Many cats will take shelter in or around cars, after they have been started, to keep warm. Keep this in mind, and inspect your cars and bang on your hoods before you drive away in the winter. This can save a cat’s life and prevent any damage to your car as well.


Since it is impossible to keep feral and stray cats off the streets, the only thing we can do is feed them and provide them with shelter.

Here is a quick and easy DIY shelter for outdoor cats. A simple container can turn into a warm shelter that saves a cat’s life. Don’t forget to shovel out the shelter when it snows so that the cats do not get stuck inside.


Not only is it important to provide the stray and feral cats with shelter, but it is important that they are also provided with food. Once you feed a stray cat, it is most likely that they will return for more, so it’s important to keep them nourished. When temperatures are below freezing, food and water should be provided multiple times per day. Although dry food will freeze at a slower pace, wet food is a better option for cats who have been exposed to freezing temperatures. The wet food will provide the cats with the protein and nutrients that they need to survive the cold temperatures. In order to prevent water from freezing, give them fresh, hot water twice a day, and you can even add some sugar to it. The sugar will prevent the water from freezing, and it can give the cats a boost of energy.

Please take the necessary precautions, and prevent your animals and cats from becoming frozen!


I have provided links along with a video for more information on how to care for stray cats in the winter and how to build them a shelter. I hope you find these helpful.

Humane Society.org


Mother Nature Network


4 thoughts on “If You’re Cold. So are They. Keep the Strays Warm in Winter

  1. First off, I love the picture of the frozen cat. I know I shouldn’t giggle, but the expression is comical but it also makes a point so two points for that. Nice tips on which foods to serve and about adding sugar, that makes sense since the extra carbs will help them replace they are expending trying to keep warm. It’s important to remind owners that animals may have fur yet not all are suited for cold weather and care should be taken when the snow starts to fall. It’s a good post with plenty of helpful hints and with enough pictures placed throughout to break up the content.


  2. Samantha, I really loved this post. I think its perfect for this time of year and its an issue that a lot of people take to heart. I also really loved your use of imagery and the video at the end was really neat! I think this helps break up all the writing and its also really helpful for people who want to do their part to help the feral animals in the winter as well. My only suggestion would be to watch the sizes of your images. With the two images you used that had the list of tips and the DIY steps, the writing was a little hard to see and clicking on the image didn’t make it much bigger. I would try re-sizing images with instructions so they’re easier to read and your message gets across more clearly!

    Great post!


  3. I really appreciate this blog post. As a fellow animal lover, I do what I can to keep my pets happy and safe and most importantly, warm in the winter. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a poor little creature stuck outside in the dead of winter, or especially hearing stories about poor stray cats getting caught in engine bays. I once had to remove a kitten from a co-workers engine bay that unfortunately froze. I make it a point to keep my eye out and take in any unwanted or stray cats (or dogs!) and try and find them a home. As I have two spoiled cats already, they would not like anyone else cramping their style. I really liked your post, and I am going to make a feral cat shelter. Maybe two. We need to keep those furballs warm. I look forward to your future posts!


  4. It’s refreshing to see blogs like yours as they provide information to the public without wanting anything in return other than the care that these animals need. I have seen animals left out in inclement weather and have called dog officers. Leaving an animal out in severe weather, cold or hot, is animal cruelty. My pets get the best of care. We even have boots for their paws. Any dogs with long hair could use them unless you clip the hair between their toes. Otherwise the hair turns in balls and they will not be able to walk. They also help with keeping the paws warmer. This year we have a short haired Black Lab/Coon Hound mix and he’s getting a sweater. I’m going to make it myself (gives me something to do in my spare time, sure). I do like the video and the do-it-yourself shelter. Awesome adds. Love the frozen cat too, made me laugh!


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