Find a Stray? Here’s what to do!


Photo Credit: Samantha Casey

As I posted in my About me, I have become interested in helping stray animals permanently instead of momentarily. I found a helpful website from the Humane Society stating what you should do if you are ever put in a situation like this. I will post this website at the end of my post, but I will highlight some important information that I found from it.

The first thing that was posted by the Humane Society was “DO NOT cause a traffic accident” in the event that you spot a stray while driving. In my case, this would not have happened because I was already parked, but I may have panicked if I spotted the kittens on the side of the road. Once you safely park your car, proceed with CAUTION. You don’t know where the animal has been and how it may react, so it is best to approach with caution!


Photo Credit: Samantha Casey

If you feel that it is safe to do so, you can lure the animal into your car and keep them there until you make a phone call to your local animal control agency. In the case that an animal control agency is not local, you should call the police then wait until help arrives. If you feel comfortable transporting the animal, then you should do so. If not, wait until help arrives.


Photo Credit: Samantha Casey

You could always stop there, but if you felt as guilty as I did leaving the animal, you can always offer to take it in if no owner is found. In order to do this, notify the animal shelter and wait for them to take it to a vet and scan it for a microchip. This piece of identification will tell the vet who, if anyone, the animal belongs to.

The following list found on the Humane Society’ website, will allow you to be prepared in a situation like this:

  • Phone; phone numbers of local animal control, a shelter, and a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic
  • Cat carrier or cardboard box
  • Collars and strong leashes for dogs
  • Heavy blanket; water bowls and water
  • Strong-smelling foods, such as canned tuna or dried liver
  • An animal first-aid kit

I hope you found this post helpful, and remember to save the strays!



One thought on “Find a Stray? Here’s what to do!

  1. How can anyone not appreciate someone that cares as you do? It matters not whether it is a dog or a cat or a pygmy goat, a life is a life and life should be cared for. I couldn’t harm a bat that fell in my driveway this summer. It was late morning in the 90’s, so I scooped it up, took it in the house, got a box and put a towel inside. Then after he/she finished crawling up my arm and into my hair, I placed him in the box. At sunset I took him outside in the shade and set him, and the box, on a bench. When I went back shortly after nightfall, he/she was gone. A life is a life. I commend your dedication.

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